A group of Indian expatriates, who were working in Kuwait and came for Umrah – mini pilgrimage, lost their passports in holy city of Makkah and are desperately trying to go back to Kuwait to resume their jobs. It is believed that passports were lost at hotel apparently due to act of negligence of the hotel, according to stranded pilgrims.

A group of 43 Indians, including women and children, arrived through a bus in Saudi Arabia from Kuwait for a week to spend in holy cities of Makkah and Madina. A large group of NRIs hailing from Kerala, followed by Uttar Pradesh and Telangana besides other States.

To their shock, all visiting pilgrims came to know about loss of their passports only on Tuesday afternoon when the tour operator told them to be ready to visit Jeddah for applying passports.
“We were simply shocked to know that our passports were lost only when the hotel informed us yesterday to be prepared to travel to Jeddah for applying duplicate passports at Indian consulate”, Basheer Abubacker Razq, one of the standard pilgrims has told media.

He added that “We believe that our passports were lost or misplaced at the hotel where we were staying.”

A group of pilgrims, guided by a prominent Malayali community leader KTA Muneer, approached Indian consulate here for applying duplicate passports. They the consul general Md. Noor Rahman Sheikh and consul Sahil Sharma to narrate their version.

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