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We are delighted to present you the herculean figure massive NRI from Hyderabad reached down to grab a pair of dumbbells, His corded muscles rippled as he lifted them to the table.
It’s all about a dream, hard training, dedication, diet.... Not everyone's cup of tea.

Let’s know more about him

Could you tell us a bit about yourself and how you got started with bodybuilding?
I was in primary school I used to climb coconut trees without any additional support and pluck the tendered coconuts for my friends. There I started watching body builder Siddiqui Bhai in our locality and other body builders also come to Muqtar bhai’s Gym. Then after coming home I use to do Pushups. Then a friend of mine took me to YMCA Rainbazar to join the Aqtar sab karate classes.

I did Budokan karate for 3 years. From here the bug bite me and craze about body building was sheltering in me. Slowly I started collecting equipment and workout in a small room at home with 4 -5 friends. By seeing this other boys also joined me. After some bought some more body building equipment and rented a small portion in a school (New Expert High School) and started my first club at that time I was 18 - 19 years. From there i moved to another club under professional coach Majid bhai who supported me a lot. This is how it started…

Few laurels to my credit:
1998 Mr. Hyderabad, Gowlipura. In my very first competition under 55 – 60 KG category, I was in 4th line and there were 65 participants but out of all I got 2nd place.
2003: K. Vishanatdham memorial - First place
2004: Mr. Hyderabad – Hanuman Vyayamshala, First place.
Also took part many other completions in Telangana.

How long you have been in Saudi Arabia and what you do for living?
I came to Saudi Arabia in 2004 so it’s been more than a decade here. I work as Fitness Trainer for a GYM in Riyadh.

What is your current workout routine?
It is a catabolic program that maximizes fat loss while retaining as much muscle mass as possible.  I cycle through different workouts every 4 to 6 weeks so there really is no staple workout routine I use.  It really depends of my situation and the date I have to get ready for a competition.  But I will say that I do about 30 to 60 mins of cardio 5 to 6 days a week. Then I stay around my fat burning zone which is about 65% of my max heart rate.  If it is just a cardio session, I do some kind of interval training.

What is the most common training question that people ask you?
The most common would be how I eat or train to build the body I have.  The most common answer I give is that you have to educate yourself first and track your progress to see what works because we are all different.  Ask 100 bodybuilders what they did to get ready for a show and you will get 100 different programs in the aspects of nutrition, training, cardio, and supplementation.  When one increases their knowledge, it gives them the freedom and power to overcome their current limits.

What are some of your best training tips for someone who wants to look good and get ripped?
Honestly, there is not all that much of a difference between looking good and competing. You either make fitness a lifestyle or you do not. Granted, the competitor might have to diet a bit stricter than someone who simply wants to wow people at the beach. But then, once you are bitten with the bodybuilding bug, you are hooked.
So, the same things apply: find a routine and a clean diet with adequate macronutrients is the most important factor in order to build the body of your dreams. Sleep 7-9 hours a night, drink your water

What is your diet plan like?
My diet is always changing depending if I am getting ready for a bodybuilding show, putting on mass or trying to max my lifts at a powerlifting contest. I have to be careful on the carbs in order to get shredded. As for protein, I just keep it right at 1 gram per lb of my bodyweight. 
I have 5-6 meals in a day focusing on Carbohydrates, Amino, Fiber and Proteins.
Before workout 3 meals and after workout 2 meals

Meal Menu

1st Meal  of the day – 7 am

fruits – apple, orange, green grapes etc. and Protein Shake

2nd Meal  – Breakfast (45 minutes after 1st meal) 12-15 egg whites (Proteins), white rice, Oats (Carbs), dry fruits like almonds, walnut etc. (Good Fats)
3rd Meal  – Lunch 200 grams chicken, vegetable salad that includes broccoli, capsicum etc. and curd

4th meal – Evening

A special meal from Being Fit Kitchen and Protein Shake

5th meal – Dinner

200 grams of fish like Salmon, tuna and vegetable salad


One hour after my evening meal, I work out. Each day, I focus on 2 muscles like triceps and chest, back and biceps etc. After my workout I have post workout Protein shake. My last dumbbell weight is 140 lbs. and I do it self so you need to have good diet for workout.

Any message for your followers?
First of all, I am really blessed to have such lovely n good number of followers. They are actually like a family. I am very active on social media encouraging and motivating the young generation to give up bad habits of Smoking and chewing tobacco and live a healthy living. I train everyone to live a better, healthier life without the need for fad diets, or use of dangerous drugs.
Achi sahet ek nemat hai…
I have just one advice and that is to remain focused. No matter what you want to be – bodybuilder, fitness model, men’s physique athlete or a cricketer, give it your hundred percent. If that is not enough, give it your 200 percent. team interviewed him during his training session in the GYM.
He enjoy the most with his students, mingles with them and instructs them attending each on personal basis. He speaks fluent Arabic and get connected with the weak students assigning them weights. Also he is strict in following the GYM rules.

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